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Battery industry advances with a seasonal spring in its step

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 00:00 -- John Shepherd

There’s plenty to put a spring in the step of the battery industry this week— and as always, you’re probably reading about it here first…

Veteran lead manufacturer Monbat is taking its first steps towards an expansion of its production capacity, to build bipolar batteries using Advanced Battery Concepts’ technology on European soil.

In the US, Aqua Metals is partnering with France’s transnational Veolia group in a move to shake off Aqua Metals’ troubles to date. The lead recycling firm's boss, Steve Cotton, says the deal will help the company become “a capital-light technology licensing organisation”.

And despite the twists and turns of the Brexit saga, investment dollars have been prised out of Shell by a UK battery tech company, which has been snapped up by the multinational— fresh from Shell's takeover of Germany energy storage firm Sonnen.

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