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Boris turns to bulldog spirit to recharge battery innovation

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 11:27 -- John Shepherd

Just a few weeks ago, Jaguar Land Rover said it was accelerating investment in EV production in the UK and called on the government to help jump start “giga-scale” battery production.

But that was in the dying days of Theresa May’s premiership— a Brexit-bloodied administration that needed to be zapped with more power than even the National Grid could muster to generate a credible response.

True, the May years did see support for the Faraday battery challenge— but could the ‘British bulldog spirit’ embodied by newly-installed PM Boris Johnson turbocharge a UK batteries revolution? 

It remains to be seen whether Johnson’s pledge to transform the UK into a world-class centre for battery R&D and production was political bluster or a genuine call to arms. 

Bluster or not, the battery industry should seize on the PM’s early enthusiasm and make the business and environmental case for government using its political and financial clout to turn aspirations for a British batteries business into reality.

Meanwhile, we report on a UK-US battery merger plan that aims to shake up the global flow-battery sector and we reveal how South Africa could be in line to host an EV battery manufacturing hub— with Volkswagen in the driving seat. 

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