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Digging into deep pockets to strike battery gold

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 10:50 -- John Shepherd

It's going to take deep pockets to get Europe's fledgling Battery Alliance firing on all cylinders, so the EU is bringing in some heavy financial hitters to shore up the investment needed to secure a raw materials supply chain— one of the top stories in the latest edition of our BEST Battery Briefing e-newsletter has revealed.

The details are sketchy and it remains to be seen how the 'raw materials investment facility' will work in practice. But there's a global spending race under way to guarantee supplies of lithium battery 'gold' for the future, so cracking open the European piggy bank seems a good place to start.

Across the pond, it's refreshing to hear from BCI's annual get together that Uncle Sam is not going to be penny pinching when it comes to investing in battery tech for the future— and that the federal government is making sure Pb is given all the consideration and credit it deserves. 

But one wonders just how much the impact of fires involving lithium storage facilities in the US, South Korea and elsewhere will have on the outlook for investment in that sector in the near term.

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