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Investors splashing cash to supercharge batteries

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 15:41 -- John Shepherd

There are investors out there who are falling over themselves to pump cash into batteries and energy storage worldwide, as we report in the latest edition of our weekly e-newsletter— BEST Battery Briefing.

Californian ‘start-up’ Farasis— with strong roots in China— says it’s now on the path to start making lithium-ion battery cells in Europe, thanks to a financial boost. Meanwhile, Chinese battery giant Narada has already launched its lead-carbon BESS in Germany.

All this activity from international investors but still nothing tangible from the EU’s Battery Alliance initiative. So, another week and more EU ground conceded to ‘outsiders’. But ironically, that’s probably all for the good, because while EU leaders hammer lead and get in the way of progress on lithium, it’s Asian firms who are leading the rekindling of Europe’s battery industry!

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