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Bosch lithium-ion battery to replace lead-acid

Fri, 01/08/2016 - 13:31 -- Paul Crompton
Bosch lithium-ion battery to replace lead-acid

German electronics and engineering manufacturer Bosch has developed a lithium-ion battery to replace lead-acid in motorbike and scooters.

Named ‘M Lithium’, the battery has deep-cycle resistance, weighs less than traditional lead-acid batteries and is vibration resistant.

Bosch says its new battery will be available for all two-wheelers, quads, and jet skis as it expands its range of starter batteries.

"Lithium-ion technology is an important and driving technology for electromobility in general," said the firm’s Automotive Aftermarket business division chairman Uwe Thomas.

The battery is the latest in a line of applications in which lithium-ion has begun to replace the more traditional lead-acid.

Lithium-ion golf carts outsold those with lead-acid for the first time in the UK last year, and Korean battery giant LG Chem supplied Yamaha with its first lithium-ion batteries for golf carts. For more on the story, click here