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Flailing Chinese lead-acid industry urged to ‘seek the road of innovation’

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 10:11 -- Paul Crompton
Flailing Chinese lead-acid industry urged to ‘seek the road of innovation’

Leading figures in the lead-acid battery industry in China are calling for more innovation in a bid to save the ‘precarious’ lead-acid battery industry.

The comments were made at a lead-acid battery summit in Bengbu City, Anhui Province, just after the Shanghai Metals Market reported a fall in lead-acid battery exports by 0.67% for September. Ignition batteries were down 22.79%.

More than 200 leading representatives listened to speakers including China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association secretary general Liu Yanlong, and Liu Baoshang, from the major lead-acid battery firm Fengfan.

Guests were told that in the past two years, the dominance of lead-acid used in traditional power applications and energy storage had been threatened by the steady march of lithium-ion into so many fields.

Speakers urged attendees to share information about transforming and upgrading companies in the industry, particularly with regard to new technologies.

“The goal has not changed,” said Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Consumer Goods Industry deputy inspector Wang Minyan.

“To survive in this highly competitive market environment, sustainable development policies must be put into conscious action.”

The future development of the lead-acid battery industry would depend upon innovation if the industry were to be saved, guests were told.