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Beacon Falls Energy Park supplier announced.

Plans for the world’s biggest fuel cell plant are gathering pace after American firm FuelCell Energy was named as supplier of the 63.3MW facility’s fuel cells.

GE Critical Power expands converter portfolio.

GE Critical Power has announced the addition of DC converters to two of its lines.

Plug Power wins big contracts.

Fuel cell manufacturer Plug Power will distribute more than 300 of its GenDrive fuel cells across the U.S following two deals this month.

Belectric storage system approved for frequency response.

Solar power company Belectric’s lead-acid battery storage system has been prequalified to provide 1.3MW of frequency control for Germany’s high voltage grid.

FSP Group launches portable backup batteries.

Taiwanese power supply manufacturer FSP Group steps into the ESS market with a range of portable battery systems suitable for emergency power delivery and solar power storage.

STMicroElectronics with thyristor suitable for UPS.

Geneva-based semiconductor manufacturer STMicroElectronics has launched a 1200V high-power silicon-controlled rectifier thyristor.

Toyota hopes fuel cell research will lead to increased efficiency.

Automotive manufacturer Toyota has made a breakthrough in its research that could result in more efficient fuel cell stacks.

Researchers with new method for catalyst platinum extraction.

Researchers from Delft University of Technology have developed an environmentally friendly method of recycling fuel cell catalysts.

Toshiba with UPS app for Android.

Toshiba has launched a UPS guide app for Android smartphones.

Cummins unveils new powerful genset.

Cummins Power Generation unveiled its most powerful diesel genset to date at the Uptime Symposium in California last week.