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VIRTUAL 17th European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 22 September, 2020 to Thursday, 24 September, 2020

The global lead battery conference ELBC will take place live and online from a dedicated studio for the first time this year after plans to hold the longstanding event in Milan, Italy, were shelved in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The three-day conference, September 22-24, will bring together industry leaders including new Clarios CEO Mike Wallace and respected analysts and industry commentators to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the industry and the likely implications for the lead battery market in the short and medium term.  

In a virtual conference forum built and designed for the event, conference delegates will join the live presentations and discussions and be able to download, on demand, more than 50 presentations ranging from market analysis to the latest developments in next generation lead battery research.

The themes being covered at 17ELBC are at the heart of the global battery energy storage revolution:

Automotive Lead Batteries

  • Current and future OEM requirements
  • Achievements in using carbons and additivesto increase cycle life and charge acceptance
  • Studies of gas evolution and water loss in relation to Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) improvements
  • Methods for increasing capacity turnovers and high temperature durability of lead batteries

Lead Battery Energy Storage Systems

  • End user requirements for current and future utility, smart-grid, and renewable energy storage applications
  • Battery management system developments and opportunities
  • Methods for increasing capacity turnovers and improving levelized cost of ownership of lead batteries
  • Performance benefits from carbons and additives

New Developments and Industry Advances

  • Innovations focused on new battery design and electrode configuration
  • Novel techniques to study the processes of lead batteries during operation
  • Development and use of advanced analytical techniques, basic science methods and materials engineering
  • Future production requirements in terms of quality control, impurities, alloys, raw materials, manufacturing and next generation equipment
  • Development of electrochemical models to simulate processes in carbon enhanced lead batteries

Lead Batteries for Industrial, UPS, and Telecom Applications

  • End user requirements for current and future industrial, telecom, and UPS battery applications
  • Improvements in deep cycle life
  • Enhancements in recharge performance offered by additives and carbons
  • Methods to increase total float life