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5th International Secondary Lead Conference

Event Date: 
Monday, 18 September, 2017 to Tuesday, 19 September, 2017

The 5th International Secondary Lead Conference is the world’s leading exchange for lead producers, technical and environmental experts, equipment producers and suppliers to this very important, but understated part of the lead industry.

The Conference aims to provide a remarkable opportunity for all segments of the industry to meet, learn and discuss the many topics not only driving but affecting this industry.

The organisers encourage submissions from presenters over the full spectrum of topics relevant to the secondary lead industry. Papers can be research and/or practice based, with a focus on providing attendees with up to the minute information and knowledge whilst promoting a better understanding and encouraging mutual cooperation.The secondary lead industry is one of the least understood industries in the metals world, although contributes over sixty percent of the lead supplied every year.

The dynamics of this industry are quite different to those of the Primary lead industry, as the varying types of lead recovery methods employed throughout the world for recycling, ranging from clay-lined drums to the latest pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical methods available.With such a broad range of subjects to discuss, the conference aim is to give all delegates covering many aspects of the industry, including:

  • Markets: Updates of the Lead Market including insights into market situations, drivers and future directions
  • Hedging: Understanding the complex world of hedging and how it works
  • Plant Design: Update of the latest plant designs and operations including latest work on de-sulphurisation techniques
  • Refractories and Burners: Presentations outlining details on correct operating parameters of critical areas of furnace operations
  • Metallurgy of Lead Smelting and Refining: Outline of the technology behind a smelter
  • Understanding Slag’s: The various slag systems that are utilized in secondary smelting will be discussed to give delegates a better understanding of a complex subject
  • Environmental: Covering a wide range of topics from legislation to pollution controlThe leading Analysts, Technicians and Metallurgists in the industry will address the conference, giving each delegate a better understanding of a complex and dynamic industry.

More info: http://secondaryleadconference.com