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EUROBAT "Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030" webinar

Event Date: 
Friday, 5 June, 2020

EUROBAT is hosting a “Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030” webinar with European Commission Executive Vice-President  Frans Timmermans, MEP Claudia Gamon and the organisation's Christian Rosenkranz and Bernhard Riegel.

Batteries are an essential component in a multitude of applications, from automotive and energy storage to telecoms and healthcare, and will play a crucial role in supporting progress towards a decarbonised society by 2050.

In this context, ALL battery chemistries will be a critical element in our low carbon future as all battery technologies are key enablers with significant potential to improve in order to help meet the EU’s decarbonisation goals. Our “Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030” White Paper will provide an overview of the potential for battery innovation across all technologies in the years ahead.

  • Keynote speech: Mr Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission
  • Key takeaways from the “Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030”: Christian Rosenkranz and Bernhard Riegel, EUROBAT
  • Presentation on Energy Storage in Europe: Mrs Claudia Gamon, MEP

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.