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White anode ink is extruded on a glass substrate

A Harvard University materials scientist has devised a way to make lithium-ion batteries using a 3-D printer. The technology is still in development stage. The concept is to make inks that are used to print anodes for lithium-ion batteries, these inks use suspended nanoparticles of the desired materials, such as compounds of lithium for batteries and silver for wires.

The Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association and Shanghai Service Federation have announced they are seeking ways to regulate the disposal of automotive batteries, according to the Shanghai Daily. The batteries, which include those used in cars and electric bikes, are generally lead-acid storage batteries.

The burnt out battery from the first JAL incident at Boston Airport in January

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 flight from Helsinki to Tokyo experienced a problem with its lithium-ion battery, just months after the Dreamliner fleet was cleared for flight after battery problem grounded it in January.


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