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Professor Donald Sadoway

Ambri, the company working to bring the liquid metal battery to market, has opened its first manufacturing site in Marlborough, Massachusetts, US.

The new facility will be at Ulan Chab in Inner Mongolia

A Chinese lithium-ion battery maker called Qingdao Haiba New Energy Company is opening a production site at Ulan Chab, Inner Mongolia. The new facility will cost CNY1bn (US$163m) and is expected to be complete in 2014.

A fire officer extinguishes flames after a Model S hit a large piece of metal in the Road, Louisiana

Tesla may be set to face a costly recall after three fires on its Model S in five weeks called into question the safety of the battery. Despite Elon Musk’s protestations to the contrary, the decision will be down to US regulators who may decide to investigate the fires as a defect.


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