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Acta and Dantherm partner to develop arctic backup power system

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 16:19 -- Laura Varriale
backup power system

Italy-based Acta and Danish Dantherm Power have teamed up to develop a self-recharging fuel cell based backup power system.

The power solution will be deployed on an island close to the Arctic Circle and powered by a wind turbine.

Dantherm will integrate Acta’s electrolyser, which facilitates hydrogen production, with its fuel cell backup power system in order to meet the requirements for off-grid power in cold and remote geographic regions. It aims to demonstrate the suitability of the system for renewable energy storage applications under harsh conditions.

“We see a significant opportunity for fuel cell backup power systems for remote locations including cold environments, where the ability to generate hydrogen onsite from renewable power sources is a key enabler,” said Paolo Bert, CEO of Acta and added: “We look forward to the success of the partnership with Dantherm and to extending our reach into the telecommunications backup power market together with them."

The shipment is set for September this year.

Acta and Dantherm stated that they are discussing further deployments across the Nordic region.

According to Acta, the supply of fuel cell back-up power systems for telecommunications base stations is a large and fast-growing market, especially in extensively bad-grid and off-grid locations such as in Asia and Africa. Battery sales to the Chinese telecommunication industry are currently valued at $4.7 billion to $7.8 billion per annum, stated the company.

Dantherm is a subsidiary of energy backup supplier Ballard Power Systems and utilises the manufacturer’s fuel cell backup power system for telecom suppliers.