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Aggreko unveils 1 MW Cummins-developed diesel engine

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 17:36 -- Editor

Temporary power provider Aggreko has launched a more efficient 1 MW engine developed in conjunction with Ricardo and Cummins.

The G3+ is the product of a three-year, £6m ($9m) development programme. This is the first time that Aggreko has moved into developing its own engine technology.

The development team was set a series of simple challenges; to create the world’s most efficient 1 MW diesel engine for utility power; one that could also run on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO); and one that could also be retrofitted into Aggreko’s existing fleet of 4,500 gensets.

The result is the G3+, a significant upgrade on the existing G3 engines that currently power the majority of Aggreko’s fleet. The new engine produces 14% more power at 12% lower cost per MW than a standard G3 engine. The G3+HFO variant of the new engine is also the first of its kind that can run on HFO. This produces power at around half the cost in terms of $/MW than traditional diesel alternatives.

The new engine is already being installed into Aggreko’s existing fleet. In addition Aggreko is pleased to announce its first HFO order, a 56 MW installation in the Caribbean, demonstrating the latent client demand for this option. The remainder of Aggreko’s fleet will be upgraded to the G3+ as part of their 25,000 hour service.