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Chevron invests in Natron’s ‘Prussian Blue’ technology

Mon, 01/21/2019 - 00:00 -- Hugh Finzel

The investment arm of oil and gas group Chevron is investing in the ‘Prussian Blue electrode sodium-ion’ technology under development by Californian energy storage provider Natron Energy.

Investment leader Jesse Teichman said the “high-power density and fast charging time of Natron’s unique battery technology make it an attractive storage solution for the EV stations of the future”.

Natron’s technology involves using Prussian blue dye pigments in both the positive and negative electrode. The dye itself has “a unique structure and composition that allow it to store energy much more rapidly and reversibly than other types of battery electrodes”, meaning that the battery tech “can be fully charged and discharged tens of thousands of times at very high power”.

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