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Digatron and DSA partner to launch end-of-line tester for lithium-ion battery production

Thu, 09/24/2020 - 12:33 -- Paul Crompton

Battery testing equipment firm Digatron has partnered with automotive electronics communication company DSA on an end-of-line testing system for lithium-ion battery production

Both Aachen, Germany-based, companies jointly designed the Battery EOL Tester with the goal of establishing a one-stop solution for end-of-line testing and improve the production quality of lithium battery modules and packs.

The modular system allows the end-user to select pre-defined test regime modules to meet their requirements. 

The Battery EOL tester supports the entire workflow of end-of-line testing with customised communication and testing solutions including electrical test, leakage test, and BMS configuration.

Michael Kohlhaas from DSA said: “The growing market of electric mobility means that car manufacturers and suppliers are faced with the task of identifying and integrating high-performance systems for high-voltage battery testing. We are confident that with the test system developed together with Digatron, we can offer a solution that is optimally tailored to the requirements of our customers.”