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Emerson offer double protection for UPS

Fri, 02/01/2013 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

Emerson Network Power has announced a feature to make industrial UPSs twice as secure. Data from the UPS is fed into the AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager to provide continuous monitoring of critical systems. This will benefit oil and gas terminals, power generators and offshore facilities and other plants where predictive maintenance is required.

The UPS can generate and broadcast self-diagnostic data, which the Intelligent Device Manager can pick up and feed back to the plant manager to inform them of any deterioration of parts to the UPS, or in the event of failure, to ensure downtime is prevented.

David Vasselin, Vice President of business development at Emerson Network Power said: "This is cost-effective insurance against an unexpected power outage where losses can run into the millions of dollars per day."

The system seamlessly provides information on UPS performance, and issues alerts should the performance of any part fall below what is expected, this tells the plant manager where maintenance is needed and how urgently.