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Plans to build lithium-ion and lithium-sulfur gigafactory in Norway are underway

Battery maker Morrow Batteries— a joint venture between Graphene Batteries and Agder Energy Ventures— has announced plans to establish a gigafactory in Norway. 


Space battery market to see strong growth as firms like SpaceX exploit the final frontier

As Elon Musk’s SpaceX company was preparing to send its first manned flight to the International Space Station (ISS), Japan was sending its final shipment of lithium-ion batteries to the low orbit station.


Daimler battery IPO mystery as it earmarks $1billion for battery production

German vehicle OEM conglomerate Daimler is planning to invest in nickel-cobalt-manganese battery maker Farasis Energy's IPO, according to reports.


US scientists develop cheap, environmentally friendly redox flow battery

Scientists from the University of Southern California claim to have built a redox flow battery based on low-cost and readily available materials.


New ESS projects implemented in Russia as firm eyes 50MWh goal

Energy storage system (ESS) developer Russian Energy Storage Systems, a subsidiary of the Russian nano monopoly Rusnano, is planning to begin commercial production of lithium-ion systems.

EnerSys announces board room changes as long-standing members retire

Lead-acid and lithium-ion battery maker EnerSys announced on 27 May that its long-standing board members John Lehman and Dennis Marlo would retire from the EnerSys board of directors next month.


China lithium-ion battery maker reveals plans for 5GWh plant in the country

Chinese battery producer Jiangsu Pylontech has announced plans for a 5GWh a year lithium-ion battery production plant in China’s southeast Jiangsu province.


Materials firm closes Series C funding as it prepares to expand graphene lithium-ion battery production

Graphene materials supplier Nanotech Energy has closed its Series C preferred round of funding at $27.5 million.


LG Chem halts plans for India lithium-ion battery factory

Korean battery giant LG Chem has halted its lithium-ion battery project in India as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit the automotive market, according to reports.


UK scientists develop new supercapacitor based on PANI material

Researchers at a UK university have published a paper outlining their super-capacitor technology based on a material called Polyaniline (PANI).