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Faradion hires Axeon CEO

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 14:17 -- Laura Varriale
Faradion battery

UK-based sodium-ion (Na-ion) and lithium-ion battery material company Faradion has appointed former Axeon CEO Lawrence Berns as CEO.

Lawrence replaces Chris Wright who is now Faradion’s chairman.

Wright was responsible for sales, product development and marketing at multiple international sites at Scottish lithium-ion battery company Axeon.

Wright said that Lawrence will enable the company to continue developing and building on its progress due to his experience in the industry.

Faradion was founded in 2010 aiming to develop low-cost Na-ion battery technology that reduces the cost of energy storage of renewable energy, stationary storage and transportation. The company claims that Na-ion materials have lower material costs than lithium-ion.

According to Faradion, Na-ion batteries are a direct replacement for lithium-ion batteries, allowing lithium-ion battery makers to use existing equipment to produce batteries using next-gen Na-ion materials. The company’s Na-ion cells are designed to have energy densities similar to those of conventional lithium-ion cells.

The company has filed 10 patent families covering applications, materials and material synthesis.

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