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GE Digital Energy replaces GT UPS with VH series

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams


GE’s GT Series product line is being replaced with a new UPS system that is smaller with a more robust design.

The new VH Series uses double conversion technology to give an unbroken transfer between a customer’s utility provider and battery power in the event of a power failure for all business critical applications.

As with other UPS systems, the VH Series UPS system protects electrical systems against disturbances of both power failures and surges to provide a continuous smooth flow of power from the utility.

When the peak loads exceed the UPS’s specification the system ensures power is not interrupted from the invertor to the bypass. This rapid switchover to and from the bypass is made possible by use of a static switch as opposed to a less reliable relay.

The UPS can be recharged either using a boost or a float charging option for minimum damage to the battery. The battery itself can be replaced quickly meaning the system is only reliant on utility power for less than one minute.

With a feature to stop deep discharges the battery can have more life cycles. This is where the system differs to other UPS systems that flip between getting power from the battery and normal use, which continually discharges the battery in short bursts, thus reducing the life of the battery.

The VH Series can be used in either a tower or rack-mount formation so users can adjust the installation process when network demands change.