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GE to offer financing for UPS systems

Thu, 12/06/2012 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

GE Capital UPS financingGE Capital, the financing arm of General Electric, is for the first time offering a financing program for UPS systems.

In a statement, GE said it would give financing for facilities that need to upgrade or expand their current mission-critical electrical infrastructure, naming healthcare facilities, financial institutions and data centres as potential customers.

The statement said: “In the past, retrofitting UPS systems required large up-front capital expenditures. GE Capital is now offering financing to qualified customers who purchase systems such as the SG Series UPS with eBoost software. Customers can arrange a single monthly payment that covers the product as well as installation and regular maintenance services.”

"The benefits of financing a UPS retrofit can be significant," said Diane Cooper, general manager of GE Capital's Equipment Finance business. "Businesses may benefit from energy cost savings while spreading their payments out over time, creating the potential for positive cash flow on a monthly basis."