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German capital embraces inductive charging

Wed, 04/01/2015 - 15:22 -- Paul Crompton
German capital embraces inductive charging

Inductive charging will be introduced to Germany’s capital city when Canadian OEM Bombardier’s lithium-ion powered e-busses hit the streets this summer.

Berlin’s city centre bus line vehicles will be fitted with a Bomabier’s wireless PRIMOVE charging system and the compact PRIMOVE 90 kWh lithium-ion battery system.

From summer 2015 the four buses will be staticly charged at 200kW at a stand at either end of the line or overnight at the depot.

The precast charging pad, which will be embedded under the ground, weighs seven tons, is five meters long, two meters wide and 25 centimetres thick. 

The 12 metre buses have been equipped with the larger 90 kWh batteries which otherwise are only used on 18 metre e-buses.

The delivery of the first e-bus to the Bombardier site in Mannheim, Germany, for final coordination of the technical components is due May 2015.

Following this, the vehicles will be delivered to Berlin for approval and commissioning.