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International Lead Management Center’s Brian Wilson snags International Lead Award

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 09:26 -- Editor

Brian Wilson of the International Lead Management Center (ILMC) was awarded the 2013 International Lead Award at the 15th Asian Battery Conference, in Singapore.

The annual award is presented to an individual who has made a major contribution through their working life to the lead and lead-acid battery industries. The award recognises Brian Wilson’s role as Program Manager with the ILMC in the field of environmental stewardship and risk management.

The ILMC is an activity of the International Lead Association and assists in the management of risks associated with lead across all aspects of the lead industry in developing regions and those in transition. A significant focus of ILMC’s recent work has been the improvement of practices for the recycling of used lead-acid batteries in Central America, Africa and India.

Wilson said: “I have been most fortunate to meet and work with some remarkable people who share a vision for this world and our industry that takes us forward in a sustainable manner that provides essential services to our modern society and a clean future for generations to come.”

The International Lead Award was conceived in 2002 and has been presented to a deserving individual during the course of one of the premier international lead-acid battery conferences – either the Asian Battery Conference or the European Lead Battery Conference.

Past winners: 2003 John E Manders; 2004 Jerome F Cole; 2005 Lan Lam; 2006 R David Prengaman; 2007 John L Devitt; 2008 Allan Cooper; 2009 L Pugazhenthy; 2010 Detchko Pavlov; 2011 Robert P Flicker; 2012 Norbert Maleschitz.