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Paraclete cuts formation time down to size

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 10:01 -- Xuan Zhong
Paraclete cuts formation time down to size

Paraclete Energy, a Michigan based lithium ion materials supplier, made a strong push for the acceptance of prelithiated anode materials at the Battery Show Europe last week, with the launch of prelithiated SM-Silicon.

Prelithiated nanoparticle SM-Silicon/PL has a proprietary surface modifier that acts as a protective shell from air and moisture and has an artificial SEI for cycle stability. Not only will customers be able to incorporate Paraclete Energy’s cycle stable SM-Silicon™ into their anode to achieve the highest capacity possible for their batteries, but they will also be able to reap the benefits mentioned an aqueous compatible prelithiated anode in short reduced formation time, said the company.


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