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Pathion deal to distribute Lithium-ion Energy Storage System

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 16:17 -- Paul Crompton
Pathion deal to distribute Lithium-ion Energy Storage System

PATHION has joined with a fellow Californian company to distribute its family of advanced lithium-ion commercial and industrial energy storage systems (ESS).

The US based company picked Silicon Valley firm Bestronics as lead manufacturer of its ESSs under the name “PATHION Power”.

Ron Menigoz, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of Bestronics said: “Our deep process manufacturing experience and ability to scale manufacturing of complex systems from prototype to commercial readiness locally and with a flexible business model offers significant advantages to emerging technology developers.”

The product line-up features modular storage platforms with internal controls to optimise cell life and offer increased safety through advanced mechanical and electrical design.

PATHION’s “PATHION Power” containerised units for energy applications can be used for load leveling, peak shaving, solar firming and frequency regulation.