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Planned Kenyan recycling plant will regenerate lead batteries for ‘half-price’ re-sale

Plans to establish a recycling facility in Kenya to prevent the illegal dismantling of lead battery are moving forward thanks to Betrilyf Solutions, a subsidiary of civil construction firm Avcon Contractors.

Ford halts car sales of its Kuga PHEV after overheating battery packs cause fires

A series of fires thought to have been caused by the vehicle’s battery has forced car maker Ford to ‘temporarily’ stop sales of its Kuga plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).


Europe to grasp quarter of lithium-ion production market as global capacity quadruples to 1.3 TWh

Global lithium-ion cell manufacturing capacity could rise fourfold to reach 1.3TWh in 2030 thanks in part to the rise of gigafactories being built in Europe, according to industry analysts Wood Mackenzie.

European Commission funds research into hybrid VRFB energy storage system

The European Commission is backing plans by scientists in Russia to develop a hybrid energy storage system combining a vanadium flow battery and supercapacitor.


SK Innovations prepares commercial-scale production of NCM 811 lithium-ion batteries

South Korean battery maker SK Innovation is preparing to commercialise its first nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) batteries that contain 90% nickel, 5% cobalt and 5% manganese.


UK ‘battery metals hub’ closer to realisation as Europe begins move to lithium dependence

The UK government is supporting a project by Cornish Lithium and Geothermal Engineering to construct a geothermal lithium recovery pilot plant— as Europe begins to move its battery material focus away from China.


Fiamm launches BMS equipped lead-acid battery to prevent theft from remote locations

A battery has been launched by lead-acid firm Fiamm Energy Technology and remote management innovator Galooli to prevent theft and increase battery llife.


Dutch firm produce 100% silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries

LeydenJar Technologies is ready to start producing new lithium-ion anode that can be made from 100% silicon while offering higher energy density.


C4V developing game changing six-minute charge lithium-ion battery

Test results for US-based intellectual property firm Charge CCV’s (C4V) lithium-ion batteries suggest they can recharge in around six minutes.


AMGC backs Australian firm to build country’s first lithium-ion gigafactory

Australia’s place on the global battery map was given another boost this week after a co-funding grant was awarded to the country’s first utility-scale lithium-ion manufacturer Energy Renaissance.