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Schneider Electric targets small/medium businesses, acquires M&C Energy

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 17:10 -- Ruth Williams

French UPS supplier Schneider Electric is to extend the reach of its integrated power and cooling solution to data centres with a capacity of below 2 MW in order to cater for small and medium-sized businesses.

The new solution, InfraStruxure for Small IT, combines the company’s existing components, including UPS systems, cooling technologies, power distribution units, server racks, cable management options, physical security, and management software. Schneider’s InfraStuxure system had previously only been available to large enterprises. This new offer will speed the deployment, configuration and installation of IT infrastructures in small environments, such as a server room, network closet or non-dedicated space. 

After installation, the integration of individual outlet control, energy reporting and other critical management functions into one central dashboard will allow IT managers and system engineers to achieve remote manageability, and in turn, tackle a plethora of chronic small IT management issues via remote monitoring and control of power systems, integrated environmental monitoring, proactive maintenance and alerts, and streamlined management of multiple devices and sites.

While pricing depends on the types of components used, the starting point for these new solutions is around US$1 500 up to US$20 000 to US$30 000 on the high end, according to Dave Johnson, Senior Vice President of Home & Business Networks.

Meanwhile, Schneider Electric has acquired M&C Energy Group, a UK company specialized in energy procurement and sustainability services for both multinationals and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The company has more than 500 employees including 300 energy specialists and an international presence with 21 offices across 15 countries, particularly in Europe and Asia-Pacific.  

M&C expects to generate total sales of approximately £35 million for the current year ending June 2012 with an EBITA margin above the Schneider Electric average. M&C will complement the offerings and geographic presence of Summit Energy.