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Socomec UPS goes to the next level

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

2-59aSocomec UPS has launched a new range of Green Power 2.0 UPS with unity output power factor (PF=1).

With units available from 10 kW to 400 kW, Socomec claims that its Green Power 2.0 range of UPS provides users with full-rated power (kW = kVA) supporting full loads up to 35°C in accordance with IEC 62040?3- with 25% more power compared to UPS with PF=0.8 and 11% more power compared to UPS with PF=0.9. 

As the volume of data traffic grows, driven by increased web usage and advances in cloud computing, organisations need to ensure that their UPS equipment is future-proof and fully compatible with the latest developments in server architecture. 

The unity power factor has the added benefit of enabling the GP 2.0 to deliver more power from the same sized cabinet. Providing the highest power densities available in the industry- up to 358 kW/m2 - the GP2.0 is as efficient on space as it is on energy.

Thanks to its “three-level topology”, says Socomec, first introduced to the market in 2008, Green Power 2.0 provides “unbeatable” energy efficiency- independently verified at 96% in VFI mode by TÜV SÜD and Bureau Veritas. 

Green Power 2.0’s VFI double conversion mode ensures load protection for mission critical applications, minimising risk and maximising availability. In VFD mode, up to 99% efficiency can be achieved with the new ‘Fast EcoMode’ solution capable of transferring the load on inverter in less than 2 milliseconds in case of mains failure.

With unity power factor and the highest total efficiency on the market, energy savings will be up to 50% compared to legacy UPS, thus enabling Green Power 2.0 to reduce total cost of ownership, it says. With a front-end IGBT rectifier, the Green Power 2.0 optimises upstream infrastructure without overrating upstream transformers, generators and related distribution.