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Sodium-ion firms get cash boost to bring technology to market

Mon, 06/13/2016 - 15:44 -- Paul Crompton
Sodium-ion firms get cash boost to bring technology to market

A UK based project to develop sodium-ion batteries for the next generation of electric vehicles has received a £38.2million grant.

The scheme to develop the technology to meet vehicle manufacturer specifications is part of Innovate UK’s initiative to make the UK a global leader in emissions-cutting technology.

English firm Faradion and Scottish based AGM Batteries were awarded the funding to deliver a working prototype of its technology for electric vehicles (EVs) by 2018.

Due to sodium salts abundance sodium-ion batteries could one day be 30% cheaper than conventional lithium-ion cells, which in turn will reduce the cost of EVs.

The partnership aims to bring sodium-ion batteries to the EV market as early as 2025.

The two firms will modify existing sodium-ion technology to make it usable in EVs, including the adaptation of active materials at the cathode and anode to meet OEM specifications.

“This project will help the automotive industry to develop a more stable, sustainable and cost-effective solution to electric vehicle power than is currently available,” said Faradion CEO Francis Massin.

Earlier this year BBB reported how Faradion had partnered with AGM Batteries to scale up production of the technology at its 4,000 square metre production facility in Caithness, Scotland. 

Innovate has also awarded AGM £700,000 to develop the technology and produce first prototypes while Faradion received Innovate UK funding to develop the technology for solar energy storage in conjunction with Moixa Technology and WMG, University of Warwick.


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