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UK gigafactory CSO says Europe must regain leadership in lithium-ion battery industry

Thu, 09/24/2020 - 10:44 -- Paul Crompton

The UK and Europe must develop a robust battery manufacturing industry so it doesn’t fall behind the rest of the world, says lithium-ion gigafactory developer Britishvolt’s chief strategy officer Isobel Sheldon.

Sheldon said its imperative the UK builds its own battery industry to build on initiatives previously introduced in Europe to create a lithium-ion battery industry autonomous from China and Asia.

Sheldon, who joined Britishvolt in June and is and head of its Advisory Board, told BEST: “Within the automotive industry supply chain it’s essential that we make batteries in the same region as we make cars, so this demand will have to be fulfilled."

You can read the full article with Sheldon in the Autumn edition of BEST mag. Click HERE to recieve your copy later this month.

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