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LG Chem’s lithium-ion batteries at centre of latest fire at 300MW ESS

Preliminary assessment of a fault that caused Vistra’s flag ship 300MW/1.2GWh energy storage system (ESS) to overheat and go offline has begun in the US state of California.



Stanford researchers make rechargeable metal-chlorine battery six times better than lithium-ion

An international team of researchers led by Stanford University has developed rechargeable alkali metal-chlorine cell that can store up to six times more charge than commercially available secondary lithium-ion batteries.


UK-US partnership to scale-up direct lithium-ion battery cathode recycling

UK and US firms have partnered to improve the sustainability of lithium-ion battery manufacturing by using direct cathode recycling methods. 


American Manganese success in black mass trials and wins support from Canadian government

American Manganese has reported the successful recycling of lithium-ion battery black mass into NMC-622 (nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide) cathode precursor.


Recylus reveals optimistic plans to recycle 80,000 tonnes of lead a year from used batteries

Recyclus Group, a subsidiary of Technology Minerals, aims to process 12 tonnes of lead-acid batteries per-hour, in a total of five plants in UK within ten years.


Svolt closes $1.5B funding round two months after cobalt-free lithium-ion battery announcement

China cobalt-free lithium-ion battery firm Svolt Energy Technology has closed a B-financing round of 10.28 billion Yuan ($1.5 billion) as it moves to its goal of 200GWh production capacity by 2025.


Hybrid lithium-VRFB system developed for power management applications

Vanadium product recycler AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group has built its first lithium-vanadium hybrid battery for industrial power management applications. 


Lead batteries not doomed but industry must work hard to secure its future

The future of lead batteries' fate is in the hands of the industry amid the looming threat of lithium-ion, delegates at the seventh International Secondary Lead Conference were told last week.


Sunlight investment to expand lead and lithium-ion battery production in Europe and US

Sunlight lead-acid lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant

Battery maker Sunlight will invest an additional €50 million ($59 million) into its US and European plants to increase lead-acid and lithium-ion battery manufacturing.


Faults found in lithium-ion battery packs but no remedy identified in billion dollar EV recall

A torn anode tab and a folded separator on cells used in Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle battery module were to blame for the billion dollar recall of more than 140,000 vehicles amid fire concerns.