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Researchers develop new anode to speed lithium-ion charging by 10 times

Researchers from the University of Twente (MESA+ Institute) in the Netherlands have developed an anode for lithium-ion batteries that they claim speeds up charging by ten times.


Latest South Korean firm reveals plans for 108,000 tpy European lithium-ion battery cathode plant

South Korean firm EcoPro BM— the battery material business unit of Ecopro— is set to build a 108,000 tonnes per year lithium-ion cathode factory in Hungary.


Battery separator firm Entek joins CBI to advance lead battery innovation

Battery separator firm Entek International has joined the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) as a partner in its research of lead battery technologies.  


UTA researchers develop two new methods of making sodium-sulfur match lithium-ion

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) may have solved the issue of dendritic growth in sodium-sulfur batteries— paving the way to a commercially viable alternative to lithium-ion.


Tests continue to prove spherodized vein graphite’s benefits to lithium-ion battery capabilities

Tests on cells have shown that Canadian mining firm Ceylon Graphite Corp’s vein graphite anode material can increase the specific discharge capacity of lithium-ion batteries.


Nissan aiming for $65/kWh solid-state lithium-ion battery pack and cobalt free cells by 2028

Vehicle OEM Nissan is targeting a $75/kWh cobalt-free and solid-state lithium-ion battery for its electric vehicles by the close of the decade.


Recycled materials as good as virgin materials for making lithium-ion batteries

A team from the University in Nevada, US has found lithium-ion batteries using recycled materials operate “at least as well” as batteries made with virgin commercial materials.


CATL backed firm announces plans to manufacturer 480,000 t/yr of lithium-ion battery materials

Chinese battery materials firm Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology has begun building a lithium-ion battery cathode active material (CAM) plant in central China's Hubei province.


Toyota confirms rumours it will build its billion-dollar battery plant in North Carolina

Sometimes the battery industry can feel like it's standing still, other times a week can be a long time— and so within a few days of rumours Toyota was to build a battery plant in North Carolina, US surfacing, the vehicle OEM had confirmed they were true.


Gridtential’s latest deal will see its bipolar lead batteries made in India

Bipolar lead battery developer Gridtential Energy has signed a formal evaluation agreement with Luminous Power Technologies — a subsidiary of Schneider Electric.