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MoU launches initiative to form European lithium-ion battery business

Two Norwegian firms have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Japan’s Panasonic to explore the business case for establishing a European lithium-ion battery business.


US scientists unveil proof-of-principle lithium-ion battery recycling technique

Scientists at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in the US have demonstrated a proof-of-principle electrochemical process for recycling lithium-ion batteries. 


TNG launches VRFB business arm to capitalise on vanadium mine

Australian company TNG Limited has established a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) business unit as part of its vertical integration strategy for one of its mines in the Northern Territory, Australia.


BASF breaks ground on second plant as it positions itself as Europe’s key lithium-ion cathode supplier

Chemical firm BASF has broken ground on its cathode active materials production plant in Schwarzheide, Germany, less than a year after announcing the project.


Lithium-ion battery fires spark global recall of 68,000 EVs amid over charging concerns

The root cause of fires that pushed GM to recall 68,667 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles is unknown but “could be” related to overcharging the high voltage lithium-ion batteries produced in South Korea by LG Chem. 


VW breaks ground on Lab to develop and test US focused lithium-ion EV batteries

Vehicle OEM Volkswagen of America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, has begun building its first lithium-ion battery testing facility outside of Europe or Asia to ensure “better tuned” cells for the US electric vehicle market.


Leoch hires stationary storage sales ace to bolster UK network power team

Battery firm Leoch Battery UK— the UK subsidiary of lead battery maker Leoch International— has appointed Jessica Shaw as its new sales manager–network power. 


Flow batteries harness tidal power to create green hydrogen

Invinity VS3 battery modules

In a world first project, tidal power is being combined with vanadium flow batteries to produce continuous green hydrogen. 

Researchers have developed a method to predict the atomic structure of sodium-ion batteries

TU Delft

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) have developed a method to predict the atomic structure of sodium-ion batteries.

Oxis Energy international programme for electrification of maritime vessels

Galaxy of Happiness

Yachts de Luxe (YdL) of Singapore has placed a commercial ten year worldwide contract with OXIS Energy valued at $5 million to build the world's first ever luxury boat to be powered by lithium sulfur (Li-S) cell and battery systems technology. The objective is to achieve a range between 70 and 100 nautical miles at cruising speed.