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ACME to install lithium-ion battery storage in Africa

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 11:35 -- Laura Varriale

Indian-based solar and telecom equipment supplier ACME has struck a deal for a telecom firm to deliver lithium-ion batteries for energy storage solutions to Africa.

Details of the contract were not disclosed. ACME and its Korean partner Samsung SDI aim to sell up to 110MWh of lithium-ion batteries by 2016 in India and Africa in telecom, solar power, defense sectors and other related industries.

Harish Goyal, chief marketing officer at ACME highlighted that lithium-ion battery storage is the future of energy storage and added: “This green solution has revolutionized the way we store energy by efficiently managing the energy needs in the financially competitive market segment while being challenged environmentally."

This will help users to replace their diesel generators and cut down on the carbon foortprint with higher efficiency," Goyal claimed. It is ACME’s business entry into Africa, a continent with a high usage of polluting fuel-based energy generation.

While battery storage systems have a miniscule share in the overall energy storage segment, it is estimated to capture 50% share globally in this segment by year 2020

The delivery to Africa is expected to be ready by September this year. ACME is currently replacing its lead-acid batteries with storage systems using Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion batteries.