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Advertorial: An upcoming show for China’s Energy Storage Station

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 11:01 -- Xuan Zhong
An upcoming show for China’s Energy Storage Station

About 800 people from the energy storage industry have been invited to the 8th China International Energy Storage Power Station Conference (ESSC).

The event focuses on the case studies of international energy storage projects, new development of energy storage technologies in terms of renewable energy and grid, and the change of Chinese government policies in terms of energy storage section. Awards ceremony will be held to honor the best performances from the industry, in terms of projects, researches, and companies.

There are 35% of participants are from battery manufacturers, personal communications service, and inverter makers. 25% are energy storage projects owners, and 18% are from power grid and renewable energy companies. Geographically, they are mainly from Europe, the US, Australia, and China.

Over 100 media institutions will cover the event, and there are 50 exhibiters as well as 30 speakers will attend. 

China's energy storage industry has just boomed at the end of 2015. The country’s cumulative installed capacity was 105.5MW, accounting for 11% of the total installed capacity of the global energy storage market, with the largest proportion in lithium-ion battery.

The distribution of applications mainly consists of distributed generation, micro-grid and renewable energy grid, which cumulative installed capacity occupied more than 80% of the Chinese market by the end of last two years. Meanwhile, the distributed generation and micro-grid has accounted for 56% of the installed capacity and 77% of the amount of the projects, and are highly expected to achieve mass commercialisation in China.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts the United States, Europe, China and India will add 310GW of energy storage capacity with $380 billion investment by the year of 2050.

McKinsey noted that energy would play an important role in 2025. The market value is expected to reach between $100 billion to $600 billion.

ESSC has been successfully held in Shenzhen, China and Sydney, Australia since 2013, over 3,000 participants from 23 countries. Cooperative enterprises include Maxwell, Chroma Electronics, KELU Electronic Technology, BYD, Shenzhen Aotexun Electric Power, Tesla Motors, TUV Rheinland Equipment.

The organiser CDMC confirms the event will be held in Shenzhen, China on 11th -12th May 2017.

For more information, please visit: http://www.essc.org.cn/en