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Abuse tests confirm freezing lithium-ion batteries puts transportation safety concerns on ice

Using liquid nitrogen to freeze lithium-ion batteries could enable them to be transported safely researchers from the UK’s WMG at the University of Warwick in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover have found.


Gigafactory firm Northvolt to deploy lithium-ion ESS to charge electric vehicles

Swedish firms Northvolt and Mälarenergi have partnered to deploy a 220kW/320kWh lithium-ion energy storage system to power an electric vehicle charging station in their home country.


Solid-state battery breakthrough first stage in doubling energy density of lithium-ion cells

Researchers at Australia's Deakin University have reported a way of using common industrial polymers to create solid electrolytes for solid-state lithium-ion batteries.


Making a CAES for compressed air storage as Canada deploys first commercial system

The world’s first commercial compressed air energy storage (CAES) project has been completed in Canada by developers Hydrostor in partnership with NRStor Incorporated.


ABC secures seventh licensee of its bipolar lead-acid battery technology

Bipolar battery firm Advanced Battery Concepts has secured its seventh licensee of its lead-acid GreenSeal® technology.


Battery materials miner opens research laboratory to speed up process

Battery metals firm American Battery Metals Corporation has opened a chemistry and research laboratory to analyse data on its vanadium and lithium mining claims and drill sites.


Bank extends loan to LG Chem as it forges ahead with European lithium-ion gigafactory plans


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has extended a long-term loan of €250 million ($275 million) to support the construction of Korean battery maker LG Chem’s European lithium-ion gigafactory.

Asian firms sign partnership agreement to make lithium-ion separators

Japanese firm Teijin Limited has signed a technical license agreement with China’s Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology (SEMCORP) to make solvent-based coating separators for lithium-ion secondary batteries.


Lithium Australia continues aggressive march to close lithium-ion battery recycling loop

Materials firm Lithium Australia now owns 73.7% of lithium-ion battery recycler Envirostream after upping its stake in the company for the third time this year.


Hainan Province to build lithium-ion battery recycling network as China continues to corner market

The spent lithium-ion battery market may be small at the moment but China is already cornering the market, making news the country’s Hainan Province is aiming to build a recycling network unsurprising.