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California becomes first state to introduce energy storage targets

Welcome to Cali

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has authored a proposed decision to install 1.325GW of energy storage across the state by 2020.

Lithium-ion goes sub-marine

Naval sub

General Atomics of San Diego has supplied lithium-ion batteries to the US Navy for use in mini-submarine prototypes. The mini-subs will be used to transport Navy SEALs in covert combat swim missions.

Ground broken at Europe’s biggest battery park

Caspar Baumgart, Thomas Paetzold, Erwin ring Selle, Jürgen Becker, Angelika Gramkow, Clemens Triebel (left) at the groundbreaking ceremony

Construction has begun on the site to house Europe’s largest commercial battery park. German utility company WEMAG and Berlin-based renewables expert, Younicos, have begun working on the site that is due to be online in September 2014.

Tesla gets Samsung onboard to ramp up production

The Model S goes global

Tesla Motors is ramping up production of the Model S with the anticipation of sales reaching 21,000 in 2014. The EV manufacturer has sought out a secondary supplier of lithium-ion batteries; Samsung SDI has been announced, alongside existing supplier Panasonic.

Tool from EnerSys gives insight into battery performance history

Battery giant EnerSys has introduced a service-reporting tool called the Service Activity Report Management (SARM) system, which allows the company to maintain a full service profile and audit trail for its complete range of Hawker batteries and chargers for motive power applications.

NOHMs to create 162 jobs with US$5.3m lithium-sulphur battery facility in Kentucky


NOHMs Technologies Inc. has chosen Lexington, Kentucky to locate a US$5.3m research, manufacturing and product development facility for military, cell phone and electric vehicle lithium-sulphur batteries.

German energy storage subsidy scheme sees early success

Germany solar PV energy storage

Approximately 1 100 German solar PV system owners have received approval for 30 MW of energy storage under a scheme launched in May 2013, according to a report by analysts IHS.

US funds prototype of rechargeable 'nanoelectrofuel' flow battery for EVs

EV battery

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) has received a US$3.4 million award from the US Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) to develop flow battery technology aimed at doubling the current range of electric vehicles (EV).

Indian float valve patent for lead-acid batteries published

lead-acid valve regulated

Intellectual Property India has published a patent application (2672/DEL/2009 A) filed by Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi on Dec. 21, 2009 for a 'float valve for lead-acid battery.'

Chinese lead-acid battery producers’ operating rate hits yearly high

Lead-acid battery

Chinese lead-acid battery producers’ average operating rate at rose to a year-high of 61.16% of capacity, according to the latest survey conducted by Shanghai Metals Market (SMM).