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BMW's electric car exceeding demand expectations

Could this offering from BMW bring electrified cars into the mainstream?

Shock story of the week, BMW is considering ramping up production of its i3 electric car as demand exceeds the carmaker’s expectation.

South Korea considers mandatory energy storage

Keeping the lights on: South Korean energy providers have warned of power shortages

The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is considering a restructure of its electricity rates to promote the inclusion of energy storage and demand management.

REDT installs flow battery system in Portugal

Vanadium is key to the battery

Energy storage technology firm REDT (Renewable Energy Dynamics Technology Ltd.) has installed a 5 kW vanadium redox flow battery system with 12 hours (60kWh) storage capacity at the University of Evora, Portugal.

Panasonic bags lithium order for Reliance telecom stations

Telecom towers are a common sight even in rural India


Panasonic is supplying lithium-ion batteries to Indian conglomerate Reliance Group for mobile communications base stations.

Ford, University of Michigan create US$8m EV battery lab

The lab will be housed in the University of Michigan's Energy Institute

The University of Michigan is to become the home of an US$8m lab focused on making electric vehicle batteries cheaper and longer lasting.

Chinese manufacturers unconcerned over shutdowns

The number of Chinese lead-acid battery manufacturing plants has already dropped to under 300

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has announced the first batch of companies meeting the State ‘Lead-acid Battery Industry Access Conditions’. The regulations require the capacity of new, reorganised and expanded lead-acid battery manufacturers can be no less than 500 000 kVAh.

Sacred Sun microgrid eliminates gensets

Chinese battery maker Shandong Sacred Sun has recently completed a 1.274 MW solar photovoltaic power generation project at Beiji Island, a land reclamation project in China.

Johnson Controls AGM battery plant in Germany to be expanded to world's largest

Johnson Controls has expanded its Zwickau, Germany, battery plant with a €100m ($136m) investment, making it the world's largest production facility for AGM batteries.

Lasers sharpen Germany’s lithium cell making abilities

Germany may be worried that it does not have the lithium-ion cell making business it thinks it so desperately needs but when it comes to lithium-ion tool making, its machine makers may yet give the Asians a run for their money.

Solith pilot line for lithium-ion entry

Despite the lack of take-off in the EV market, there are still plenty of new players trying to get into the lithium-ion battery market with new chemistries. But potential customers will only take these newcomers seriously if they can readily supply working cells and batteries for evaluation.