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All the news and views from the world of energy storage and associated industries.

Major growth predicted for UK energy storage projects

Distributed energy storage (DES) is set to become a major growth sector according to

CSIRO drops lead-acid research

Following the retirement of Dr Lan Lam in February CSIRO has announced it is not going to continue with research or development into lead-acid batteries.

Powervar unveils GTS series of uninterruptible power managers

US firm Powervar has expanded its range of uninterruptible power manager (UPM) products with the addition of the Grounding Technology Solutio

Eaton launches circuit breaker plug-in unit

Eaton has launched a plug-in unit for its NZM3 circuit-breaker which allows customers to exchange the circuit-breaker in a panel simply and quickly.

Palladium Energy expands R&D centre

Palladium Energy has expanded its engineering research and development department with the addition of an Engineering and Technology Centre of Excellence.

Instrument from EA finds defects in live cables

EA Technology has launched an instrument that identifies defects in live cables of distribution voltages.CableData Collector

Centrax celebrates sale of three gas turbine genset packages

UK power generation packaging specialist Centrax is celebrating the sale of three gas turbine gensets in France.

Intelligent Energy fuel cells for Indian telcom market

Intelligent Energy, a UK-based fuel cell manufacturer has signed an agreement with Microqual Techno Limited in India to trial the use of fuel cell generators to support mobile networks and broadband in the Indian telecom industry.</body></html>

EnStorage HBr flow battery goes online in Israel

Israeli company EnStorage has produced the first grid-connected Hydrogen-Bromine (HBr) flow battery system at its test site in Southern Israel. The 50KW system provides up to 100KWh of energy.first grid-connected HBr goes online

Major lithium-sulphur solar project for armed forces

A consortium of UK energy companies is developing a solar energy storage system for military applications using lithium-sulphur cells.