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All the news and views from the world of energy storage and associated industries.

Global Energy Prize winners announced

The honorees of the 2013 Global Energy Prize have been announced to recognise their achievements in energy technology for contributions and research in rechargeable batteries and physics.

Chinese EV company muscles into US market

Chinese EV company BYD is breaking into America with an electric bus deal with the South California city of Long Beach.

China orders 90% lead to be recycled

Chinese authorities have ordered that 90% of used lead-acid batteries must be recycled by 2015, and 50% of lead used in the market must come from recycled sources.

EnStorage HBr battery flows

EnStorage has developed and produced the first grid-connected hydrogen-bromine (HBr) flow battery.

Uni develops subsea battery

Newcastle University has entered a joint project with underwater equipment manufacturer SMD to develop battery equipment for deep-sea operations.

EnerSys builds third plant in China

EnerSys has announced a battery manufacturing plant in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, China for domestic and international markets.

Saft energy storage system in Italian distribution network

Saft is providing lithium-ion batteries to a SAET 2MW energy storage system at an Enel substation in southern Italy.

Vanadium oxide graphene could make more powerful batteries

A vanadium oxide (VO2) and graphene amalgamation could make more powerful lithium-ion batteries, according to a study at Rice University in Texas.

Eliminating dendrite formation

Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana have suggested a series of experiments designed to study the ways of controlling dendrite growth and to predict them at their early stages of formation.

Exide share slump

Exide Technologies has hired Lazard investment bank to advise on financial restructuring to benefit all stakeholders. Its the stock price slid 48% in reaction to the announcement - its biggest one-day decline since April 2004.