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Second-life research project reaches major milestone

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A UK company has found a way to integrate the large liquid-cooled batteries used in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in an energy storage system.


Cobalt surplus sparks price plunge

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A surplus of cobalt chemicals used to make high-power lithium batteries has seen Chinese refiners switch to producing metal, sending prices down 30% in recent months.


Kokam lithium cuts data centre battery size

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Kokam has introduced the K-UPS series of high power Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery racks featuring Kokam's Ultra High Power Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (UHP NMC) battery technology.


India to make its own lithium-ion batteries

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Commercial production of a "home grown" lithium-ion battery is to begin in India. The technology, developed by scientists at CSIR-Central Electro Chemical Research Institute in Karaikudi is being put into production by Bengaluru-based Raasi Solar. 


Exide India believes in bipolar from ABC

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India’s largest automotive battery maker Exide Industries Ltd said last week it is planning to reduce dependence on lead—by introducing the bipolar technology of US-based Advanced Battery Concepts.


Thai batteries to go Giga

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Thai renewable power technology company Energy Absolute is planning to invest US$3 billion in a gigafactory project, betting on the prospect that electric vehicles and smart grids will soon catch on in Southeast Asia.


Daimler gears up new battery plant

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Battery production at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Untertuerkheim, near Stuttgart, will begin at the end of the decade.

JCI battery buy-out imminent

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The long awaited news of a buy-out of Johnson Control battery business from the parent company could take place this summer, according to Reuters.


Novel African utilities reject lead for Microgrid backup

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A novel African utility company, which sports actor Leonardo Di Caprio as one of its board members, is actively rejecting lead aid technology for storage back up as it rolls out microgrid technology across the continent.


US urged to end ‘uncertainty’ over battery storage tax breaks

US urged to end ‘uncertainty’ over battery storage tax breaks

Treasury chiefs in the US have been urged to “end the uncertainty” over proposed tax breaks for companies rolling out energy storage projects.