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BESS market set to grow tenfold

The global battery energy storage system market (BESS) is expected to grow by almost ten times by 2020, according to a GlobalData report.

Hitachi squeezes its way into Indian SLI market through Thailand

The Japanese SLI battery maker Hitachi Chemical Company Ltd, has pulled off a deal to take 10% of the Indian SLI market in the next three years— thanks to a free-trade agreement with Thailand.

Total swallows most of SAFT

Total says it has completed its friendly takeover of battery maker Saft after a successful public tender offer.

Black Rock strikes 99% pure graphite

Black Rock Mining has registered interest from potential European and Asian partners who want to collaborate on its battery grade flake graphite at the Mahenge project in Tanzania.

Axion looks to China for Lead-Carbon growth

Axion Power International has issued market data relating to its tie-up with Fengfan Co Ltd to introduce its patented PbC technology into China.

FAA put block on Airbus lithium

European jet maker Airbus Group SE is locked in a dispute with U.S. regulators over the safety of lithium-ion batteries installed on its latest model, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Solvay eliminates organic solvents with water

Solvay has announced the successful conclusion of the LIFE+ GLEE project, a highly focused sustainability programme the aim of which was to replace organic solvents with water in the rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery manufacturing process.

Daimler show lithium powered 26 tonne truck

Daimler Trucks presented the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck in Stuttgart last week as the first fully electric truck with a usable total weight of up to 26 tonnes. This means that in the future, heavy trucks will take part in urban distribution operations with zero local emissions. A market launch of this technology could be possible for Daimler Trucks at the beginning of the next decade, the company says.

Stock price up but Tesla battery factory barely functional

Elon Musk didn't think Energy Storage Publishing was important enough to invite us to his grand Tesla Motors $5B Gigafactory opening last week, even though we were in Nevada! Well **** you Tesla’s PRs!

US firm opens plant in bid to reinvent the lead recycling industry

Lead-acid battery recycling start-up Aqua Metals has opened its plant just seven months after breaking ground on the building in the heart of the Tahoe Industrial Centre in Nevada, US.