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Firms to build lithium-ion cells using recycled materials

A Canadian carbon science company and its unnamed partner are set to make a full-scale lithium-ion battery from recycled/up-cycled materials.

German UPS firm to steer flywheel firm after buyout

Two powerhouses in the flywheel and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) markets have merged after Active Power was sold to Piller Group.

Glow in the dark liquid lights up flow battery potential

Scientists at the University at Buffalo believe they have discovered a way of making redox flow batteries outshine other energy storage chemistries.

Hitachi buys majority share of Italian lead-acid SLI firm

Japanese firm Hitachi Chemicals has bought the majority share of lead-acid battery maker Fiamm.

Cell makers hit lithium-sulfur energy goals

Lithium-sulfur cell makers are pushing the technology’s boundaries with two firms reaching a milestone just weeks apart.

Jaguar Land Rover plans to build UK lithium-ion battery facility

Vehicle OEM Jaguar Land Rover have revealed plans to build an electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in the heart of England, according to reports.

Rocketing Chinese lead price, bad news or good news?

Chinese battery producers have begun raising battery prices due to the rocketing cost of lead, which has climbed above ¥21,000 ($3,051)/ tonne, according to Shanghai Metal Market data.

Chinese battery firm to make EV with either lead-acid or lithium-ion battery

Chinese battery manufacturer Chaowei Group has founded a new company to make electric vehicles with a choice of lead-acid or lithium-ion battery.

Maritime energy storage firm appoints global sales director

Maritime energy storage firm Corvus Energy has made a new appointment to strengthen its global and European operations.

US military to test mission critical ability of dry deployment flow battery

The US Army Corps of Engineers is to test an all-iron flow battery (IFB) to its limits after a firm delivered a 60kW/225kWh system.