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John Shepherd

European deal signals a boost for Pb


European battery maker Monbat is out to dispel any doubts about the prospects for lead battery technology in the near future.

Just months after signing up to develop bipolar tech as an Advanced Battery Concepts licensee, Monbat has now clinched a deal that will see it boost its recycling business and expand into innovative lead processing services.

In a market that might sometimes seem like a sea of lithium, lead-acid is far from treading water.

But whatever the battery technology, consumers are increasingly focused on assurances of recyclability and sustainability. That’s why South Korea has started work on the country’s first dedicated EV battery pack recycling centre.

Meanwhile, with ESS safety still a hot topic for regulators and the general public, Australia is introducing new rules governing the burgeoning battery storage market.

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Digging into deep pockets to strike battery gold

It's going to take deep pockets to get Europe's fledgling Battery Alliance firing on all cylinders, so the EU is bringing in some heavy financial hitters to shore up the investment needed to secure a raw materials supply chain— one of the top stories in the latest edition of our BEST Battery Briefing e-newsletter has revealed.


Lead-acid picks up rhythm in New Orleans

The mood music for this week’s gathering of the lead-acid faithful at Battery Council International’s annual convention, this year in New Orleans, promises to be upbeat.


Lead strikes oil as investors drill down on storage tech

Whatever “new” technology India’s state-owned oil corporation may be teasing the Pb market with, the announcement we report on in the latest edition of BEST Battery Briefing fits a global pattern of fossil-fuel corporates (think of Shell, BP and Total) moving into battery storage tech.

Battery partners to tighten their embrace?

The relationship between SK Innovation and Volkswagen could be about to get a whole lot closer if, according to one of our latest reports, the pair go ahead and launch a joint battery-making business.

Time to recharge thinking on batteries

It’s high time to recharge Europe’s thinking on batteries.


Words to the battery wise on April Fool's Day

In some countries, news outlets mark the first day of April by publishing ridiculous stories with false claims— and give just enough clues to help readers ‘get’ the joke. 

It takes two to tango in the batteries dance

Germany is back in the batteries spotlight again this week. The economy minister has warned EV and battery producers that state aid alone will not help build a battery cells production industry to challenge the likes of China. More than a little entrepreneurial zeal will be needed too, according to Peter Altmaier.

Leclanché hints at battery tech 'breakthrough'

Is Europe picking up the pace on batteries? The answer is 'yes'… if initial indications reported by BEST Battery Briefing are anything to go by.


Battery industry advances with a seasonal spring in its step

There’s plenty to put a spring in the step of the battery industry this week— and as always, you’re probably reading about it here first…


EU puts lead-acid out of REACH— for now

Europes leaders appear to have finally seen sense and will not push through politically-inspired proposals attacking the manufacture of lead-acid batteries, as we report in the latest issue of our BEST Battery Briefing e-newsletter.