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‘Taiwan to seek Tesla blackout solutions’

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 09:44 -- News Editor
‘Taiwan to seek Tesla blackout solutions’

Taiwan could acquire energy storage systems from US tech giant Tesla to prevent future power outages, according to a report.

Taiwan’s science and technology minister Chen Liang-gee (pictured) plans talks with Tesla about buying renewable energy battery storage systems in the wake of a large-scale power outage that hit Taipei earlier this month, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.


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Hipower supplies genset to Ancona Controls for UPS and backup power

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 14:36 -- Laura Varriale
Hipower diesel genset

US backup power provider Ancona Control has selected power-generation and distribution equipment firm Hipower Systems’ generator to ensure uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup power for a Michigan-based cable and Internet provider.

Hipower, a Himoinsa Power Systems subsidiary, supplied a 60Hz frequency diesel backup generator to provide power continuity. The company mounted the generator on a 1000-gallon sub-base tank providing more than 60 hours of runtime.

The fuel tank, approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, was customised for the harsh conditions and specific codes of Michigan state, with winterisation equipment, external fills, vents and alarms. The generator is part of a complete continuous-power package including DC power through a UPS made by Toshiba.

“In the Midwest, strong storms and power outages are a fact of life nearly year round, and the extreme cold in winter presents a further challenge,” said Hipower systems president Rafael Acosta.

Michigan-based Ancona Controls provides sales and 24/7 service of UPS systems, diesel, natural gas generators and DC power systems for businesses requiring uninterrupted power.

Eaton introduces blackout prediction app

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 10:58 -- Laura Varriale
Eaton app

Power management specialist Eaton has launched an app that aims to predict and manage power outages at data centres.

The “Blackout and Power Outage Tracker” is designed to enable data centre managers to check their susceptibility to grid outages, claimed Eaton.

The app works on the state of the power grid locally and across the national coverage of the UK and Ireland.

The system can identify causes, duration and number of people affected by power outages. It calculates the regional impact and gives data centres background information for submitting damage claims against their utility provider, according to Eaton.

Blackouts caused by accidents, grid over-demands or natural disasters are unpredictable, but Eaton wants to focus on prevention.

“Although some of these causes may be unpreventable, with the right power protection a company can help protect its data and equipment during any blackout,” said Steve Spicer, sales manager at Eaton.

Eaton claimed it uses the app to draw awareness to the need of uninterruptible power supplies.

The company recently introduced its power management system, which is integrated with EMC’s VSPEX infrastructure system.

Ideal Power launches hybrid converter family for off-grid storage systems

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 11:40 -- Laura Varriale
Ideal Power hybrid converter

At the Intersolar North America conference in San Francisco, Ideal Power has introduced a three-port, 30kW hybrid converter family for off-grid, grid-tied and grid resilient applications to integrate energy storage and solar power.

The developer of disruptive power conversion stated that due to an improvement in size, weight, cost and efficiency, the converter is able to integrate multiple power sources while lowering the cost of delivering grid resiliency during blackouts and reducing dependency on diesel fuel for off-grid applications.

The hybrid converter production line uses the company’s Power Packet Switching Architecture in a three-port product. This shall allow to combine PV inverter capabilities on one DC port, bi-directional battery converter capabilities on the second DC port and provide an AC port supporting both grid-tied and off-grid applications.

"We also expect our hybrid converter to improve modularity and interoperability, so that microgrid systems can migrate from custom engineered projects to using standard plug-and-play components," said Dan Brdar, chief executive officer of Ideal Power.

Ideal Power said during Intersolar North America that it expects the initial installation of the system in commercial buildings that have to improve grid resiliency to blackouts.  

At Intersolar Europe, the hybrid converter received the 2014 electrical energy storage award for energy efficiency improvement and cost effectiveness of combined energy storage and PV applications.

India steps up power supply

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

Following widespread power outages in much of India last year, one region is taking matters into its own hands.  The state of Bihar in the north east is expecting to see vast improvements to its domestic power supply, which is currently at a deficit of approximately 1000MW of power.

The state officials say grid supplies will improve by 600-700 MW this year, thanks in part to the Bahr thermal power station that will have two units each producing 660MW. This is expected to become operational in the second half of 2013. 

To meet the power demand at present, the state is largely run on diesel generators because only 900MW is available from central power supplies. The capital Patna requires 400MW alone.

Apart from central supplies, the State is also on course to re-commissioning approximately 345 MW of own capacity through an extensive renovation and modernisation project in joint venture with NTPC, India’s largest power company. The units have been neglected for many years and require restoration to become useful.

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