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Chris Collins

Bipartisan bid to overhaul US battery storage laws

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 12:17 -- Hugh Finzel
Bipartisan bid to overhaul US battery storage laws

A bipartisan alliance in the US has introduced legislation “to expand clean battery energy storage”, and launch an Advanced Energy Storage Caucus (AESC) to promote better understanding of storage technologies.

The legislative package— launched by Democrat Mark Takano and Republican Chris Collins, who together launched the Battery Energy Storage Caucus in 2015— introduces the Storage Technology for Operational Readiness and Generating Energy (STORAGE) Act, Battery Storage Innovation (BSI) Act, and the Advancing Grid Storage (AGS) Act.

The STORAGE Act would amend 40-year-old laws on utility regulatory policies to include energy storage systems on “the list of strategies statesshould consider when developing energy plans”.

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