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A-Plant places £2m orders for SDMO, Cummins gensets

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 11:29 -- Editor

UK rental firm A-Plant has boosted its fleet of power generation equipment by placing orders worth almost £2m ($3.3m) for gensets manufactured by SDMO and Cummins.

The SDMO order totals 158 diesel gensets, comprising 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA, 45kVA and 60kVA models and the investment is in the region of £1.4m.

Within the order are 36 of SDMO’s brand new Diesel 10000 E Silence gensets, the first from the production line and the first to be delivered into the UK from SDMO’s manufacturing plant in Brest, France.

The Diesel 10000 E Silence is a 10kVA portable genset, supplying portable power for use on construction sites, at events and for sectors such as the rail industry. Powered by a Kohler air-cooled industrial engine, it has a soundproof enclosure which ensures ultra-low noise during operation. It has acoustic pressure level of 81dB(A) at 1m and 69dB(A) at 7m and is also fully bunded.

A-Plant has also placed an order totalling almost £450,000 with Cummins for 27 gensets, the bulk of which are for the new Cummins 100kVA unit, the C100D2R.

This latest addition to A-Plant’s rental fleet is ideal for use at construction sites, events, telecommunications and industrial applications and provides a prime rating of 100kVA at 50Hz with a ultra-low noise rating of 66.7dB(A) at seven metres.

MTU Onsite gas gensets compliant with medium-voltage directive

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 10:54 -- Laura Varriale
MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy (MTU) has received certification for its series 4000 gas gensets to be compliant with Germany's medium-voltage directive.

The certification issued by Germany’s Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry enables the gas generators to feed generated power into the public grid.

The series 4000 has a power output from 750kW to 2,600kW. According to MTU, the gensets achieve up to 44.3% electrical efficiency.

“Being armed with this certificate puts us in a very strong position on the market for gas gensets,” said Jörg Mielke, head of sales in Germany at MTU. MTU modified the gensets to meet the certification requirements.

Germany’s Renewable Energy Act and the Combined Heat and Power Act has led to an explosion in distributed power generation. MTU aims to provide static and dynamic grid support with the supply of reactive power or automatic reduction output as well as with its combined heat and power and biogas plants.

Cummins supplies natural gas genset to ARUP

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 11:12 -- Laura Varriale
ARUP Salt Lake City

Cummins Power Generation has delivered natural gas generator sets to Associated Regional and University Pathologists (ARUP) Laboratories near Salt Lake City, US.

The standby power solution is to provide emergency power for critical research processes at the laboratory without risk of fuel disruption by using natural gas, according to Cummins.

Medical tester ARUP ordered three 1MW lean-burn natural gas gensets that feature unit-mounted power command controls and paralleling capability. The system accepts load within 30 seconds of start-up.

According to Cummins, ARUP chose a natural gas-fueled genset, because diesel needs replenishment by deliveries that might not be able to get through in extreme eventualities. Long-term environmental concerns about onsite diesel storage have played a role, too.

The gensets are now ready for operation in case of emergencies. In the meantime, the system runs two hours each month for testing.

The 300,000 sq. ft. laboratory processes specimens of blood, body fluid and tissue biopsies. It operates 24/7, seven days a week.

Regional distributor Cummins Rocky Mountains delivered the systems. The distributor also provided ancillary equipment and installed a digital master controller.

Cummins gensets receive EPA Tier 4 Final certification

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 15:59 -- Laura Varriale
Cummins genset

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given Cummins’s new line of diesel backup power gensets a Tier 4 Final certification.

EPA approved the complete line of high-horsepower gensets, ranging from 680kW to 2750kW. The generators are mainly used for backup power in critical power applications such as hospitals and data centres. The line is also designed for standby power applications where air quality is impaired and for emergency use.

Cummins said it is the first manufacturer receiving a Tier 4 Final certification. “We are proud to be the first company to be awarded Tier 4 Final certification for our generators,” said Dennis Heathfield, executive director at Cummins.

The Tier 4 Final generators achieve a 99% reduction in particulate matter emissions in comparison to Tier 2 products. “By achieving this emission reduction, we are providing customers with more fuel-efficient and cleaner generators,” added Heathfield.

EPA adopted Tier 4 emission standards in 2004 for new off-road diesel engines in order to reduce hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide. Tier 4 Final standards require a reduction to near-zero levels.

Generac reveals noise reduced and low cost per kW standby generator

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 17:24 -- Laura Varriale
Generac genset

Generac has launched a low cost per kW protection standby 22kW generator.

The Guardian genset series comes with the company’s purpose-built OHVI engine and controller, including a dual-line tri-lingual LCD display.

The genset is engineered for standby power applications and includes a feature to ensure reliable operation to power sensitive electronics and appliances, according to the company. The engine runs at 1800rpm, which makes it quieter, less fuel consuming and extends therefore the service life of engine and alternator.

“Previously, if a homeowner needed a generator with a little more ‘oomph’ than they could get from a 20kW home standby, they’d have to invest several thousand dollars more for a 22kW liquid-cooled generator,” said Jake Thomas, senior product manager at Generac. The 22kW air-cooled home standby should set a new price and performance benchmark claimed the company. The recommended retail price of the new series is $4,699. “Our new 22kW Guardian Series generator provides that extra power for only a few hundred dollars more. That’s a tremendous value for our customers,” added Thomas.

The genset is compatible with a remote monitoring system that allows US and Canadian homeowners to monitor the status of their power system via electronical devices.

Chicago Pneumatic adds stationary gensets to range

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 11:21 -- Laura Varriale
Chicago Pneumatic genset

Chicago Pneumatic has launched 50Hz and 60Hz stationary generator sets for the construction industry.

The units are designed to be capable of operating at high working temperatures. The gensets are based on a frame-and-canopy design, making them suitable for stationary applications in the worldwide construction industry, according to the company. The units should be suitable for on-site and off-site positioning. The canopy shall give long-lasting durability while a rugged base should add impact resistance and extra protection.

The 50Hz unit is available from 10kVA to 250kVA and the 60Hz from 17kVA to 255kVA.

“Our new CPSG units are built to withstand the toughest worksite conditions, making them ideal for operators seeking a consistent source of primary power while working day in and day out in a wide variety of construction applications,” claimed Daniel Escuer, product marketing manager for power at Chicago Pneumatic.

The gensets also feature a control panel that facilitates remote operation, different levels of noise isolation and a robust terminal board that can be connected with or without clamps. 45° doors provide accessibility for maintenance, Chicago Pneumatic stated.

Onis Visa launches “Big Fox” genset

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 16:56 -- Laura Varriale
Onis Visa genset

Italy's Onis Visa has added a new generator set to its FOX genset series.

The “Big Fox” is equipped with engines from German company Deutz and coupled with Stamford alternators. The engine-alternator is available with four different range power options from 20kVA to 60kVA.

The new genset is designed to have a high-level noise reduction. It is suitable for continuous and emergency service or civil and industrial use as well as for mobile and stationary applications. The canopy is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance due to removable panels, claimed the supplier. The fuel tank has a capacity of 90 litres corresponding to 8.5 working hours at 75% PRP.

A 40 inches high cube container comprises up to 24 stacked units. The genset provides a guard evolution manual control panel and an easily removable starting battery, according to Onis Visa.

The generator sets are fully manufactured at the company’s headquarters near Venice, Italy.

FG Wilson powers Basra's huge sports complex

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 11:19 -- Ruth Williams
Basra Sports City complex will contain sports grounds, restaurants, hotels and even a lake

FG Wilson and its distributer Horizons Engineering has completed a US$1.5m power installation at Basra Sports City. The genset manufacturer is providing a combination of prime and back-up power to the giant Middle Eastern sports complex.

Horizons Engineering installed seven FG Wilson generator sets including one 2500 kVA / 11 kV generator set, two 800 kVA containerised units, two 750 kVA containerised units and two 400 kVA canopy units. These provide prime power to the entire 2.2m square meter complex until all construction work is complete, when they will provide back-up power.

The 65 000 capacity stadium that cost US$800m to build will host the 2015 Gulf Cup of Nations. The complex includes hotels, restaurants and a fire station.

Horizons Engineering has been FG Wilson’s dealer and distributor for Jordan and Iraq since 1999. It has become the preferred supplier for another two sports complexes in Iraq.

Cooper Corporation exports first order to Ukraine

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 13:14 -- Ruth Williams
The Cooper Ecopack diesel genset will now be available to customers in Ukraine

Cooper Corporation has completed the export of the first batch of Cooper Ecopack diesel gensets to Ukraine as part of a long-term supply contract.

The contract includes the supply of all power ratings Cooper Gensets from 15KVA to 180 KVA for sale in the eastern European country.

The varied and challenging climate in Ukraine means generator sets can experience problems starting and operating in extremely low temperatures. Cooper is offering a cold start kit as an add-on to allow operation at all times.

The gensets will also be available in Ukrainian output voltages and meet European customer requirements.

Cummins powers Sri Lanka’s newest airport

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 11:14 -- Ruth Williams
Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport

Cummins has supplied two standalone generators to Sri Lanka’s Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport to cover power outages at the growing airport.

The project contractor, China Harbour Engineering Company, installed two 939kVA Cummins Power Generation C1000 D5 generator sets at the country's newest airport.

Noise reduction was an essential consideration because the generators had to be situated in the cargo unit within the airport. The generators were soundproofed to 70 decibels at one metre to manage the noise levels.


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