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Tool from EnerSys gives insight into battery performance history

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 11:54 -- Ruth Williams

Battery giant EnerSys has introduced a service-reporting tool called the Service Activity Report Management (SARM) system, which allows the company to maintain a full service profile and audit trail for its complete range of Hawker batteries and chargers for motive power applications.

Information logged on to the system during installation and service visits can be analysed to prepare detailed reports and identify maintenance trends. The SARM system gives EnerSys insight into the maintenance of its Hawker batteries and chargers in the material handling and motive power markets. It collects and records service-related information that can be made available to customers who require verification of compliance with procedures and maintenance for key performance indicator reports.

Data relating to a battery or charger is entered into SARM at commissioning and at maintenance or service sessions using unique product details to provide a complete profile of the product’s service history. The system can be accessed online to allow field engineers to update information form any location. 

EnerSys batteries are going underground

Thu, 01/24/2013 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

EnerSys batteries are powering tunneling equipment beneath London. Its Hawker range of batteries is used in maintenance locomotives that install and inspect power cables. The 200V Hawker Perfect Plus batteries with 1240A/h or 750A/h capacities are ideal for the gruelling conditions demanded in the tunnelling work.


The valve-regulated lead-acid battery range supply high power and long running times, the construction of the plates using advanced components allows for far more efficient discharge over other batteries.

The demands of a subterranean locomotive on its power source are high. The battery must be the right size and weight for the locomotive and must work for the length, and number of, trips required on a shift.

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