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Testing of 8MWh vanadium flow battery under way

Mon, 11/30/2015 - 00:00 -- Paul Crompton
Testing of 8MWh vanadium flow battery under way

Canadian firm Sparton Resources has begun testing its 8mWh vanadium flow battery in Hebei Province, China.

Work on the Zhangbei Project begun after Sparton received confirmation to initiate testing from the battery owner, the State Grid North China Company Limited ("State Grid"). 

On-line testing started on November 21st and will take place over several weeks to ensure the battery meets design protocols.

Funding for the commissioning project was carried out by VanSpar Mining, a 90.4% owned Sparton subsidiary.

The renewable energy utilisation platform integrates wind power, solar power, energy storage, and smart grid transmission technologies.

Clean power generated by this project will be integrated into north China's energy grid, operated by the State Grid.

This is a key component of China's Golden Sun Photo Voltaic Solar Pilot Project, which currently includes 110 megawatts of energy storage capacity, and covers a total land area of 200 square kilometres.

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