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MArk Thorsby

Will Trump take the lead out of Mexico?

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 12:04 -- Paul Crompton
Will Trump take the lead out of Mexico?

As the lead industry begins its roll out of a new communications programme extolling the virtues of lead to the American public, it has emerged that Battery Council International executive director Mark Thorsby has written directly to President Trump informing him of how important the lead industry is to North America.

Thorsby’s letter emphasises how responsible the US lead industry’s manufacturing is, and dismissed lead’s polluting reputation as being “installed in an era when lead issues were not well understood”.

While such lobbying exercises are often regarded as ‘going through the motions’, could it be that Mr Thorsby has serendipitously started the process to bring lead industry jobs, including recycling, back to the USA?

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