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AVL deals to deploy vanadium redox flow batteries and manufacturer materials in Australia

Thu, 11/18/2021 - 14:29 -- Paul Crompton

Australian Vanadium, in conjunction with its 100% owned subsidiary VSUN Energy, has signed a non-binding sales and materials memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Spanish vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) manufacturer E22. 

The MOU includes sales of E22’s VRFBs in Australia, vanadium pentoxide offtake arrangements to support E22’s global VRFB sales, and vanadium electrolyte manufacture and supply in Australia. 

The two year MOU has an option to renew for a further 12 months by agreement in writing, with a 30-day notice period on either side for termination. 

Australian Vanadium’s managing director, Vincent Algar said: “What attracted us to E22 in particular was the mid-size VRFB that they are able to supply. 

“Small to medium sized commercial applications, in addition to mining and agricultural industries, require a system that is smaller than the majority of the VRFB manufacturers currently supply. 

“The requirement is for a robust and reliable system that can be increased in size and redeployed as needed.” 

VSUN Energy’s standalone power system (SPS) forms part of the project partly funded through the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) Australian Government grant that AVL was awarded in July 2021. 

The MMI grant also includes funding towards the build of a 33MWh annual capacity vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility in Western Australia. 

Primero Group has been engaged for early contractor involvement in the plant build2 which is to be based on technology licensed from U.S. Vanadium LLC3. 

Installing a VRFB

AVL has signed an agreement to install a standalone power system using a 300kWh VRFB energy storage technology at mining company IGO Limited’s nickel operation in Australia.

The system will deliver power independently to the grid and uses a combination of solar, wind, VRFB from E22 and backup generation from diesel or gas.

Total renewable penetration of 85-90% is being targeted for the trial of the VRFB based system. 

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Leoch expands further into Europe with lead-acid battery distributer buy out

Tue, 05/18/2021 - 08:38 -- Paul Crompton
Leoch expands further into Europe with lead-acid battery distributer buy out

Chinese battery manufacturer Leoch has strengthened its grip on the European lead-acid market with the buyout of Spanish battery distributor Meibat.

The Chinese company will set up firm Leoch Iberia with the goal of establishing a permanent market hold in the Iberia region.  

Established in 1992, Meibat distributed industrial batteries in Spain from its base just outside of Madrid.

A new warehouse facility will be set up in Madrid to cover the network power and motive power markets throughout Spain and Portugal. 

Meibat has historically focused on complementary sectors to Leoch in telecommunications, UPS, data centres, renewables and energy storage as well the motive markets. 

The company is in the top 10 of battery and energy system distributors in Spain with all the major key accounts in the region.

Leoch now has direct operations in Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Italy and the UK. 

The company has 10 regional manufacturing plants in China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam.

Apostolos Tasiopoulos, Leoch's vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “Leoch previously had a representative in Spain but this major acquisition will enable us to establish a permanent footprint with all original equipment customers in Iberia. 

“It was the only major European country on our target list where we didn’t have our own entity; it joins our existing facilities in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.”

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